Evensong Spa
at the Heidel House Resort Resort & Spa

Heidel House Resort, Green Lake, Wisconsin
15,000 Sq. Ft.
New salon & spa building at an existing resort
Completed 2006
testani design troupe, inc.
2007 Ceramic Tiles of Italy Design Award

The design premise for Evensong Spa began with a medieval 11-point labyrinth. In 13th century Europe, labyrinths on the floors of gothic cathedrals were walked as a symbolic journey to the divine. In Evensong, the labyrinth is a key focal feature in the main lobby of the building. The labyrinth walk is a spiritual healing ritual that provides meditation, contemplation, insight, and understanding in facing life’s challenges. The skylights were placed using the mathematical principals of the labyrinth; as the sun tracks across the sky the openings provide pools of light that follow the pattern.

The building exterior emphasizes horizontal planes. Outdoor and indoors relationships are dissolved by large expanses of glazing and a continuation of exterior materials through to interior spaces. Durable and value-conscious materials such as cement fiber board, formed concrete, and rusted plate steel make up the exterior. A luxurious sensory experience is provided on the interior through the use of materials such as earth-toned leather-tiled walls, warm woods and reclaimed wood veneer. The cohesive palette of textures and colors creates harmony throughout the building.

Relaxation Room at Evensong

Relaxation Room

Jacuzzi Bath at Evensong

Jacuzzi Bath