About Us

Building Better Spaces

Great architecture creates better living spaces that are inspirational, functional, and environmentally sound and links the culture of specific communities with the future. Great architecture is the result of successful relationships between client and architect, between concept and execution, and between city planners, technicians and engineers.

At the core of our practice is the belief in the creative process. It involves an active, engaged and ongoing dialogue with clients, consultants, city officials and associates. More importantly, it then draws from an individual’s unique experiences and perceptions to create visionary solutions that meet each client’s specific needs.


Company Profile

cmda is a provider of design and project delivery services. It manages the planning, design and construction process for clients and facilities in Phoenix and across the USA.

Founded in 2003, cmda combines the collective strengths of designers and professionals to benefit clients and enrich their environments. With years of collaborative experience, and recognition in their respective fields, cmda’s principals have a reputation for being fearless and discerning innovators in the design world.

cmda is organized around a studio environment to ensure that each project is enriched by the perspectives and experience of the team members. The office is a type of modern-day agora, outfitted for the digital age. Its open floor plan signifies and facilitates the open exchange of ideas and opinions driving the challenging, innovative, and interesting work that they do. Discussions of abstract philosophy, practical know-how, and the critical issues facing designers today abound as the team of dedicated and skilled professionals pursue the consummate execution of their craft.

cmda has invested heavily in the technological infrastructure to help its designers create brilliant, contemporary design. Its most powerful assets are the fundamental affinity, mutual respect, and sense of collective purpose that pervades the company’s multidisciplinary work environment. As designers, the cmda team is naturally curious about what’s happening at the forefront of other design disciplines.

Served by its office in Scottsdale, Arizona, the firm has developed a diverse portfolio of public and private entities requiring commercial, residential, mixed-use, recreational, restaurant, health and spa facilities.